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Danette’s Shaklee 180 Story

These past 3 months have gone by so quickly, before I know it we’ll be flying to Paris because I’m going to win that Shaklee 180 trip for two to Paris in 2014!
Danette on January 1, 2013 Before Shaklee 180 Danette on April 1, 2013 After 90 days on Shaklee 180
Weight – 21 lbs lost
26 inches lost
I love how I feel and I love Shaklee 180!

Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit & Shaklee 180 Lean and Healthy Kit

I got through the cold, snowy months by doing my workouts indoors, and I’m looking forward to taking it outside and getting fresh, warm air! I have not missed a single day of doing my workouts since I started my 180 program on January 1.

Danette - 120 Days on Shaklee 180

Are You Ready to Do a 180? 90 Days to Lose the Weight. 90 Days to Learn How to Keep it Off.

For me, the Shaklee 180 program is working far better than any of the previous “diets” I have been on!Thanks Shaklee!
~ Danette

FREE Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit
In the month of March — we got 3 new Shaklee 180 customers on a Turnaround kit which means we get a FREE 180 Turnaround kit in April, and probably for the next several months because all 3 will be on the plan for a few months. That’s a free $269 meal replacement kit free each month. That’s $269 worth of free meals and groceries each month. Think about that.

Anyone can do a 180.
There are a lot of excuses a person can come up with if they are looking for a way out. For me — I decided to quit making my excuses, bite the bullet, and do what I knew I needed to do for my health. Once I got thru the first week, it’s been smooth sailing ever since then and I’m SOOOOO glad I made the decision to do a 180 for my health.

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