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Rod’s Shaklee 180 Story

I’m 55 years old and I’ll be the first to admit that the pounds come off harder, and it takes longer to get your body in shape with exercise, the older you get. I’ve had to work at it more this time than the last time I dropped 40 lbs which was 7 years ago.

As we age, our metabolism slows down — by about 10% for every 10 years. When you’re in your 50’s, your metabolism is down about 30% than when you were in your 20’s.

Rod on January 1, 2013 Before Shaklee 180 Rod on April 1, 2013 After 90 days on Shaklee 180
Weight – 22 lbs lost
Neck – 2” lost
Chest – 4” lost
Stomach – 7” lost
Waist – 4” lost

My weight loss goal is 45 lbs and I am half way there in just 90 days.

I’m feeling great, working out everyday, sleeping better at night. Shaklee 180 is AWESOME!

Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit & Shaklee 180 Lean and Healthy Kit
Rod 180 Days on Shaklee 180

My point to this is …
it’s never too late to turn your health around — to do a 180 and get your weight where you want it to be and your health where it should be.There are hundreds of fads, diets, and ways to lose weight, but very very few are designed like Shaklee 180 with tons of scientific research and clinical proof standing behind the program to make sure you lose weight safely, lose weight the right way, and lose the right kind of weight — all fat loss and no muscle loss.

Are You Ready to Do a 180? 90 Days to Lose the Weight. 90 Days to Learn How to Keep it Off.

Shaklee 180 plain flat-out works.
It is a very easy program to follow. As long as a person is willing commit to his/her health program and stay focused — the results will happen for anyone — every time. Our monthly food costs — eating out and grocery bills, have dropped dramatically from what they were each month.I continue to tell people that Shaklee 180 does not cost that much more than what a person already spends each month on food.

For about the same amount of money, or perhaps just a little more than what a person already spends on food costs for the month — Shaklee 180 can be the replacement that provides the weight loss and health results a person wants to have. BUT — you can also get your 180 kit free if you choose to …

We got our Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit FREE.
In the month of March — we got 3 new Shaklee 180 customers on a Turnaround kit which means we get a FREE 180 Turnaround kit in April, and probably for the next several months because all 3 will be on the plan for a few months. That’s a free $269 meal replacement kit free each month. That’s $269 worth of free meals and groceries each month. Think about that.

Anyone can do a 180.
There are a lot of excuses a person can come up with if they are looking for a way out. For me — I decided to quit making my excuses, bite the bullet, and do what I knew I needed to do for my health. Once I got thru the first week, it’s been smooth sailing ever since then and I’m SOOOOO glad I made the decision to do a 180 for my health.

I’m feeling fantastic and Shaklee 180 is AWESOME!

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